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Ranges of other concrete-based garden fittings :

  • Shanghai-washed Pebble Slab
  • Colour Texture Stepping Stones
  • Garden Ponds and Fountains

Stencil Concrete Imprint

Instead of using the conventional rubber-based moulds in normal concrete imprint works, GS also utilises special made stencils in concrete imprint works to achieve a wide range of patterned designs and colours. Stencil concrete imprints are very cost effective and versatile.

Unlike normal concrete imprint works which present a natural rock or stone surface, Stencil imprints achieve patterned designs with a different look and feel. Its natural patterned design surface blends aesthetically with the environment.

GS Concrete Resurfacing

GS has a thoroughly tested and proven cementatious based spray-on concrete resurfacing system utilising specially made patterned stencils to revitalise your existing plain concrete pavements. This technique will transform the old worn out pavements into featured and patterned areas, adding colour, style and value to your property.

The resurfaced areas will also achieve execellent compressive, tensile and flexual strength. It will also strength the abrasive features and is skid resistance.